How To Prepare For JEE Main 2021 :JEE Main Preparation 2021

JEE Main Preparation 2021: The online application process for JEE Main January 2021 begins from 3rd September 2020 and the last date to apply is 30th September 2020. The recent release of the exam dates has stimulated an urgency in the JEE aspirants to kick start and increase the intensity of their JEE Main preparation for 2021. Every year, 14-15 lakhs aspiring engineers appear for JEE Main in order to get into the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) and other Government-funded Technology Institutes (GFTIs). JEE Main is also the preliminary exam for candidates who wish to study in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) through the JEE Advanced. The top 2, 24,000 JEE Main candidates will be eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced.How to prepare for JEE Main 2021

has come up with a perfect solution for all your queries regarding JEE Main 2021 Exam. In this post, we are going to discuss the most successful Tips, Tricks & Strategies to make an actionable study plan to crack the JEE Main exam.

JEE Main is one of the most competitive exams in the country which is why a properly planned JEE Main preparation strategy and a daily routine for JEE Main preparation is required. Here, we shall help you with the best and most effective JEE Main preparation tips, particularly for JEE Main self-study and JEE Main preparation without coaching.

JEE Main Preparation 2021: How To Prepare For JEE Main 2021

  1. Take JEE Main Mock Test Now.
  4. Practice JEE Main Physics.
  5. Practice JEE Main Chemistry.
  6. Practice JEE Main Maths.
  7. JEE Main previous year papers.

JEE Main Preparation 2021

JEE Main 2021 (January session) Computer-based online exam will be conducted from 6th January to 11th January 2021. Meanwhile, JEE main admit card is going to be released on 6th December 2020 and candidates need to download it in order to appear for JEE Main 2021 – January session.

JEE Main admit card is an important and compulsory document to be carried along to attend the JEE Main 2021. Thus, know how to download your JEE Main Admit Card and know what are the details to be checked and verified in order to make sure you have a valid JEE Main Admit Card. Know which are the documents to be carried along for the JEE main exam, exam day guidelines and more!

Read on to get the best JEE Main preparation strategy and tips.

JEE Main Preparation Tips

1. Crack important concepts
2. Refer to JEE Main best books
3. Know the paper pattern
4. Time management
5. Exam taking strategy
6. Personalisation

1. JEE Main Preparation Tips – Crack important concepts

Concepts should be crystal clear in your mind if you want to pump up your JEE Main preparation strategies. Study basic and important concepts thoroughly. Students have managed to score marks close to even 320 with just 3 months in hand! If you have 5-10 months in hand, you can achieve that score provided you are focused and organised. One tool that can help you learn your concepts in a structured way is the Knowledge Tree on .

2. JEE Main Preparation Tips – JEE Main best books

NCERT books should be your best friends during your JEE Main preparation. The following are some of the other best books for JEE Main preparation out of all JEE Main preparation books:

  1. DC Pandey and HC Verma are your go-to books to build concepts in Physics.
  2. SK Goyal would be ideal for Maths (Algebra). Maths is a scoring subject and if you are referring to this book, you can easily score around 80% here!

3. JEE Main Preparation Tips – Know JEE Main paper pattern

According to the new JEE Main exam pattern, the examination will now be conducted for three papers: Paper 1 for B.Tech / B.E candidates, Paper 2 for B.Arch, and Paper 3 for B. Planning. Paper I consists of a total of 75 Multiple Choice Questions on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Paper II contains a total of 77 questions- 25 questions from Mathematics, 50 questions from aptitude test and 2 questions from Drawing test. While, Paper III comprises a total of 100 questions.

4. JEE Main Preparation Tips – Time management

Investing your time sensibly is the key to cracking any entrance exam. It is necessary to be selective and rigid. Students need to find out the right kind of study materials and spend just the right amount of time practicing each topic. Not only are you required to follow an effective timetable, but also, make use of efficient time management in the entire process of preparation until writing the exam, which is a major deciding factor. You must include time management in your JEE Main preparation plan.

5. JEE Main Preparation Tips – Exam Taking Strategy

As part of the JEE Main preparation, it is recommended that students adopt a proper exam strategy and follow it sincerely. A well-planned JEE Main preparation timetable and thorough browsing of the entire question paper is especially relevant. While attempting the questions, it is recommended that students are careful and do not waste time unnecessarily on questions that he/she is not sure about. Taking mock tests regularly to improve your overall exam taking strategy must be a part of your JEE Main preparation.

6. JEE Main Preparation Tips – Personalisation

’s RANKUP is India’s first personalised and score improvement tool. It provides personal mentoring and helps students overcome the challenges they face in scoring by showing where and how to improve.

RANKUP has the following unique features that guarantee score improvement:

  • a) Keeps track of every movement you make on the website and pinpoints the key areas you are lagging behind
  • b) Keeps track of the time spent by a student on every question and from these data, it helps the student to increase their speed and accuracy while taking a test
  • c) Gives personalized suggestions on how to improve your exam-taking strategy, time management skills, and question selection skills
  • d) Rates how much effort you are putting into your preparation
  • e) Helps you to build your stamina to sit for long hours to take a test without getting exhausted.

JEE Main Preparation – Subjectwise Preparation

JEE Main Preparation – Physics

Class 11 syllabus:

1. Unit, Dimension & MeasurementStudy Now
2. KinematicsStudy Now
3. Newton’s Law of MotionStudy Now
4. Circular MotionStudy Now
5. Work, Power & EnergyStudy Now
6. Momentum & CollisionStudy Now
7. Center of Mass & InertiaStudy Now
8. Rotational DynamicsStudy Now
9. Elasticity, Calorimetry, Thermal ExpansionStudy Now
10. Ktg & ThermodynamicsStudy Now
11. Simple Harmonics MotionStudy Now
12. Mechanical WavesStudy Now
13. Fluid MechanicsStudy Now

Class 12 syllabus:

1. Geometrical OpticsStudy Now
2. Wave OpticsStudy Now
3. ElectrostaticsStudy Now
4. CapacitanceStudy Now
5. Current ElectricityStudy Now
6. GravitationStudy Now
7. Magnetic Effects of Current & MagnetismStudy Now
8. Nuclear Physics & RadioactivityStudy Now
9. Communication SystemsStudy Now
10. Electromagnetic Induction & ACStudy Now
11. Electronics DevicesStudy Now
12. Dual Nature of Matter and RadiationStudy Now
13. Error in Measurement & InstrumentsStudy Now

JEE Main Preparation – Chemistry

Class 11 syllabus:

1. Periodic Table & PropertiesStudy Now
2. Mole ConceptStudy Now
3. Nomenclature of Organic CompoundsStudy Now
4. Chemical BondingStudy Now
5. Gaseous StatesStudy Now
6. Electronic Displacement EffectStudy Now
7. Atomic StructureStudy Now
8. IsomerismStudy Now
9. Redox & Equivalent ConceptStudy Now
10. Chemical & Ionic EquilibriumStudy Now
11. Chemical KineticsStudy Now
12. Radioactivity (Nuclear Chemistry)Study Now

Class 12 syllabus:

1. Halogen DerivativeStudy Now
2. Co-ordination CompoundStudy Now
3. Aromatic HydrocarbonsStudy Now
4. Aliphatic HydrocarbonsStudy Now
5. Liquid Solution & Surface ChemistryStudy Now
6. MetallurgyStudy Now
7. PhenolStudy Now
8. AlcoholStudy Now
9. EtherStudy Now
10. Solid StateStudy Now
11. Carbonyl CompoundStudy Now
12. Qualitative AnalysisStudy Now
13. S, P, D & F block elementStudy Now
14. Thermodynamic, Thermochemistry & ElectrochemistryStudy Now
15. BiomoleculesStudy Now
16. PolymersStudy Now
17. Carboxylic Acids & Its DerivativesStudy Now
18. AminesStudy Now
19. Practical Organic ChemistryStudy Now

JEE Main Preparation – Maths

Class 11 syllabus:

1. Logarithms & Related ExpressionsStudy Now
2. Quadratic Equations & ExpressionsStudy Now
3. Sequence & ProgressionsStudy Now
4. Compound AnglesStudy Now
5. Trigonometric Function, Equations & InequationsStudy Now
6. Solutions of TrianglesStudy Now
7. CirclesStudy Now
8. Straight Lines & Pair of LinesStudy Now
9. Binomial TheoremsStudy Now
10. Permutations & CombinationsStudy Now
11. Sets, Relations & FunctionsStudy Now
12. Mathematical Inductions & ReasoningStudy Now

Class 12 syllabus:

1. Limits, Continuity & DerivebilitiesStudy Now
2. Method of differentiationStudy Now
3. Indefinite IntegrationStudy Now
4. Definite IntegrationStudy Now
5. Application of DerivativesStudy Now
6. Determinants and MatricesStudy Now
7. VectorsStudy Now
8. 3 Dimensional GeometryStudy Now
9. ProbabilityStudy Now
10. Differential EquationsStudy Now
11. Area Under CurveStudy Now
12. Parabola, Ellipse, HyperbolaStudy Now
13. Complex NumberStudy Now
14. StatisticsStudy Now

JEE Main Preparation – Previous Year Papers

In order to clear the JEE Main, solving the JEE Main Previous Year Papers must be a part of your JEE Main preparation. They will help you get an idea and feel of the actual exam paper. That will add a whole new dimension to your JEE Main preparation. Furthermore, along with the JEE Main Previous Year Papers, we also provide the Answer Key and Solutions.

JEE Main Preparation – Cut Off

The JEE Main cut off indicates the required minimum marks to get admission in NIT and other colleges. The examination authorities consider the following factors while determining the cut off marks for JEE Main:

  1. Number of applications received,
  2. Number of questions asked in the paper,
  3. The difficulty level of the exam,
  4. Performance of the candidates, and
  5. Previous years’ cut off trends

JEE Main cut off marks is to be kept in mind while going ahead with your JEE Main preparation. Do not leave any stone unturned to make the best of your JEE Main preparation. Remember to solve as many questions as you can during practice. Regular mock tests will boost your confidence; so, attempt the unlimited free JEE mock tests available on . It has been found that students who have taken tests on RANKUP have improved their score by up to 60% after just 10 tests! So what are you waiting for?

We hope this detailed article on JEE Main Preparation helps you. If you have any queries regarding JEE Main preparation or the exam in general, drop a comment below and we will get back to you.

How to prepare for JEE Main 2021

How to prepare for JEE Main 2021

How to prepare for JEE Main 2021

How to prepare for JEE Main 2021


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